Obscene with the friend

"Ahaan..." I was leaking a sigh as sweet as the girl.
Actually now, I am not the one other than the girl. I am mounting on the dear friend. His penis is accepted to a vagina wet because of my love-juice. The breast that greatly swelled me is played with by his hand. All of I who had put on 'Skin' were girls.

"Yha-Hiroki. Will you associate for a while with me?" I was invited by him. I entered the physical education tools warehouse with him. It was directed by him, and I put down a mat on the floor. He had expanded what taken out of the pocket between those. I hear, "What is it?" "No anxiously, now" and he answer. What he had expanded was a character having been pressed by the roller in the cartoon etc.
In general, the face of man faithfully reproduced is grotesque. However, the lady would be a beautiful. He picked up her hips. His finger is put and enlarged to the anus. 'Skin' is sack.
"Taking off the clothes and wear it." I made the upper-body nakedness according to his instruction. My head was put in her. Next, the arm was inserted, and I wear her to the waist. The dear friend's assistance is received and the face has been adjusted. When the positions of eyes became correct, I was able to see the outside.
There was a hand of a white, delicate woman in my presence. Her finger moved similarly when I hooked one's finger and it mounted it. When I saw the lower side, it was mammiferous on my chest. Her hand was holding my breast like a man. The sense has been transmitted to my brain in the impact at the same time.
The dear friend directed that the leg was made similar. I was still putting on my pants. It was unbalanced from the waist with the body of the woman on. There is a charm in it. The skin of the leg of the woman who had been thinly mounted from my waist hung down. I pulled off my socks, and lowered the pair of trousers with pants. And, the shank's mare was sent to the skin of the shaking leg. Finally, my hips were made to be wrapped and the hole shut.
"OK. Then, sleep on the mat" "What do you do?" The voice of me who heard was a shrill girl. "I want to confirm finish" and he answered, made my knee lifted, and pushed between groins open. His finger goes and the mystery goes between my groins. The penis had disappeared. His finger passes the abdomen that the obstacle is lost. His finger went into the space carved between my groins. I felt the foreign body that entered the hole of the body of being sure to exist originally that not was. His finger wriggled in me. "Aaann..." Pleasure exploded strongly when his finger touched the point. I was shouting instinctively like the girl.

It heard of an obscene sound. In the place where the skin touches, the love-juice that overflows between my groins and went out makes the sound. I was a prisoner of pleasure. I received the hight many times by his penis. When he became tired, I mounted on him and was shaking its waist voluntarily. Semen had been exhausted from his penis. However, I kept requesting his semen.

I awoke. I made it come in succession on him and was sleeping. And, he was putting his penis still internally of me. I heard, "Do you do again?"At that time, I noticed the accident. My voice was returned to former man's voice. Furthermore, the arm and the chest were returned to the origin. It was only between groins connected with him not to be only changeable. "Hiroki?" he seems also to have noticed my change. He stood up solving our uniting. He began to examine my body deliberately.
"'Skin' unites!" The friend who became it stopped his hand that had searched for the vicinity of the anus to affection. "'Skin' cannot be removed. Not able a MAN to return Hiroki. It is sorry. I take the responsibility." He said by the austere expression so. However, I of today was ruled only by the pain between groins.
"May I not boil such a throat again? It is pleasant. Let's do again."


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