Is it a mirage?

The woman in front of me said that she are me. She had the look that looked like my mother somewhere. But, it differs from my mother when she was young and her at all, I having seen mother in the photograph in old times. What she said is a forcible conclusion. In a word, she is a woman of me.
However, two people do not exist at the same time except that I project me onto the mirror. It is her delusion to think that she are me.
"Ah, What?" I heard. She said. "It wanted your force." She knelt in front of me, and unloaded my trousers, and took out my penis from among pants. When she contained it in her mouth, she began to breathe in. My penis is erected, and a large amount of semen was sent to her in less than no time.

I had crashed out on the floor before one is aware. She is naked and mounted on me. I had inserted my penis in her vagina. She wrung semen from my penis every time when she moved her waist. After exhausted all, her vagina attacking me continue. Everything of me was absorbed by her. Even myself also.

When awaking, I was only. She was gone. It was mistake. She was not gone.
It was mammiferous in my chest. My penis had disappeared between my groins. My semen and woman's soup dripped from my vagina.
I am her.

I get up, and put on clothes that she had worn. Her whisper reached my ear. "That is. You are me. also, You are you."
She smiled, in the mirror.


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