New morning.

I was not a homosexual person.
I to whom college entrance was decided moved to the apartment in the vicinity of the university.
The real estate agent was wrong. Residents in other rooms were all woman. The entrance of the apartment was being written, "Female exclusive use".
However, I have finished moving. Because I was poor, it is not possible to move to other apartments. Of course, I cannot stay at the hotel etc.
I who just came out from the country do not have the friend who can take it in either.
Kate in the next room advised to me who embarrassed.
"You are short, and thin. If you are a girl, living in this apartment is not problem. "
Other residents also agreed with Kate's proposal.
"But, I.. I am a boy. "
"Who insists that you who put on girl's clothes are a boy? I lend girl's clothes. "
The outside was already pitch-dark. I cannot enter the apartment as long as I do not approve it to their proposals. And, my whole hypothec was in the apartment.
"Yes" my answer had only it.

Even if I enter the apartment, I cannot enter my room at once.
We have gathered in the lounge, next to the entrance. The blouse and the skirt had already been dressed to me. I am made to sit in front of the mirror. Beautician Linda cuts my hair.
My hair was after the storm, became a girl. Cosmetics were painted on my face.
Finally, the lipstick was put on my lip. I in the mirror was a girl.
"Please get off when you can arrange your room. Your welcome party is started. "
I returned to my room. But, It was necessary to continue a girl.

The lounge was already noisy.
I went down the stairs timidly. "Appearance of the heroine tonight ! " Kate found me, and said. I became irretraceable. And, I was surprised.
All women in the lounge wore pajamas. It was poisoned on eyes of me who was the man. There is a woman who doesn't wear anything either under the nightdress of a translucent cloth. I erected.
"Have you gotten excited compared with what?" Kate has approached. "You also must change clothes to this. "
I put on pajamas of the pink color while concealing the battering piece.

Spirits make it faintly consider of me.
Men were sitting before one is aware. There was a couple who was doing SEX in my presence.
There was a man in my side. He is holding my shoulder. His other hand massaged my breast. His face approaches. His tongue wrenches my lip open. His saliva extends to my mouth.
I am wetting my crotch .

The morning came.
I awoke on the sofa in the lounge.
"Good morning. Late riser. " Kate who had put on school clothes was standing. "This is your uniform. "
I continue the girl, internal thru outside of the apartment.

He with gentle face was waiting when the door was opened. I cannot return the boy any longer.
I embraced in his arm am full in happy.


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