Coffee shop

Girl's bright voice sounds in the shop.
They are working earnestly, putting on a lovely uniform.
(It is good.)
I long for such girls.
I wanted to enter their circles.

It does not only apply for the part-time job of this shop.
I am a man. If applying, made me a chore, usually.
But, I want to put on the same uniform as them.
As for the same design, the one which is not the one that chore's blue was assumed to be a keynote but lovely pink is good.
As for the same white apron, the one which is not the one that fully was simple rectangle but the ruffle adhered is good.
Of course, it is not the pair of trousers.
I want to put on the miniskirt. It sees a leg well beautiful.

I hope, such a lovely voice has to be put out from my throat...
I hope, beautiful leg has to be put on the skirt...
I hope, elastic tit has to be pushing up the breastplate of the apron...

I frequent the coffee shop while holding such a desire not fulfilled.


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