In the subway, the car became empty.
When I found a lovely girl, I sat on the facing side.
She was reading the book.

In the tunnel, the window changes into the mirror.
My shape has show and hide on her back side.
I move my body, I had my shape in the mirror match in her.

And, I flew my mind.

The characters are dancing on my front.
I smiled.
When my eyes was slowly raised, 'I' sat on other seat.
I shut the book of being read now, and I pushed it into the bag.
I stand up, and moves to the seat on the other side.
'I' and the girl appeared in the window.
I see on the mirror 'me' who shuts eyes and is sleeping, I am sure to being able to do not it.
However, I enable it.
Now I am not 'I'. I am a girl who is sitting on 'my' side.

I inclined my head and entrusted my body to 'my' shoulder.
We sticks further when I twines our arm.
My tit was transformed on my chest being pushed to 'my' arm.
It was noticed to me, the sense of the brassiere which covered me.

It was stimulated by my action, 'I' was about to awake.
I decided to pretend to sleep with my head put on his shoulder.
I opened rather thin for looking at the window.
'I' immediately became a face which seemed to be happy from the expression to be surprised.
The feeling of my tit might be transmitted to his arm.
I extended the twining arm and touched between his groins.
His dick was hard.

He is holding my shoulder with his opened arm.
When our train slid into to the platform, we are standing up and got off the train.
I came off the downtown as led by him.
The check-in is done to the hotel as.
I took off clothes in front of the mirror while he was taking shower.
What kind of undergarment do I put on, and what kind of body do I have...
One piece a piece is taken off while imagining such then.

He returned from the bathroom in the place which had become a stark-naked.
He clings from the back.
His projecting dick pokes my hips.
I am thrown down to the bed.

He forcibly thrusts it in a vagina which is not wet yet.
A strong pain attacks my groins.
I was shouting.
But, the shout and the pain have changed into pleasure when later momentarily.
Love juice overflows immediately and it goes out.
The tit is twisted, and teeth are put up in the nipple.
The pain changes into pleasure, and, in addition, gushes out Love juice.

His dick rages in my vagina and it rolls it up.
Pleasure rises more and more.
Love cry was sounded, and I rose high.

The subway is running.
'I' sits, and I sit on the other side.
The window is projected us like the matched mirror.
I put out the book from the bag, and opened the page which she had been reading.
I see 'I' again.
And, eyes are slowly shut, and maind flies again.

The subway left the tunnel.
The town besides the window is reflected.
I stand up, and move to other car.
When returning to the tunnel, I also will learn different pleasure again.


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