I shouted in the Internet.

I found it in the Internet shop.
It looks like the stun gun, but the function is different.
I do not know its mechanism.
The function was 'nonresistance', not 'faint'.
"'Essence' does flip out from the target." I did not understand the meaning though it was written in the manual.
However, the effect is correctly recognized.
Switches on like the stun gun. And, the electrode touched to the target's body.
Then, the target enters the state of the nonresistance.
He does not avoid even if hit.
He does not cry even if hit.
But, he is not the faint.
He does protect the hit place like 'The condition reflection', he moves his hand, slowly.
However, he moves it if I induces it with hands and feet.
He does not resist my act.
So, I immediately used this 'Gun'.

Of course, I rape the woman.
The gun is used in an unpopular place.
At once, the woman stops moving.
I looked into woman's face.
Hollow eyes seemed nothing.
She begins to walk following me when her arm is pulled.
Getting through the grove, there is a lawn.
I laid the woman down, I exposed the lower half of her body.
I inspects elaborate into her groins.
The love juice begins to appear in her when playing with.
A gate of meat opens and shuts so that invite me.
I took off the trousers.
The erected penis appears.
I inserted it in her.
The wall of warm meat wraps the penis.
The change appears on her when the waist is moved.
I think that a mere condition reflection.
However, the woman who did not movement began to writhe.
The voice like the pant is faintly heard from her mouth.
I became crazy and moved the waist.

I did not have the notice to there was a person who approached slowly from the back.
'Gun' is picked up.
The switch is turned on.
'Gun' touch my back.

When I reached the hight, strong stimulation went through my body.
My consideration did the blackout while discharging semen into the woman.

I regain consciousness before long.
The heavy one had gotten on on my body.
It is a man.
At the same time, I felt a strange sense between groins.
Something has been inserted in my abdomen.
And, mucus adheres to between my thigh.
I crept out from the man under to recognize the situation.
I stand up. And, I look down a man.
An ugly naked lower half of the body is exposed, and it is asleep in lying.
I know him.
He wear the clothes though I did wear it.
His face is the same as me.
He is 'I'.

Then, who am I?
I confirmed the clothes.
My chest having been encompassed though swelled the blouse.
I wear not the trousers but the skirt.
I put nothing on under the skirt.
I did it.
I am a woman whom 'I' raped.

I understood. And afterwards.
I was worried about 'Dirt of the lower' and 'Not put on underclothes' .
The tissue was taken out of her bag.
I sits on turf. And, I rolls up my skirt.
I touches between my groins.
Dirt was wiped.
I wipes it from the outside to inside.
I touched the place where the edge of the tissue was sensitive.
I have given small hue and cry.
Up to now, I was bewildered to the sense which had not been felt.
This might be woman's sense.
I made it to the thing after which it felt directly by my finger.
"A! Aa,Ann..."
I have risen gradually as a woman.
I have been understood that the nipple stands in the brassiere.
The love juice has begun to overflow again between groins of being necessary to have wiped it.

As for me, I notice which was not able to be satisfied with the finger.
A man who was sleeping in my of that eyes on the lawn reflected.
I turned up a man.
A man did not show opposition, and was moved to me.
Man's penis was erected.
I extended on a man.
The waist is slowly unloaded.
I felt the penis inserted in me.
I am understood that the penis moves in the vagina.
I shook the waist, and sucked pleasure.
I had given the goodness voice in woman's voice.
I was a prisoner of woman's pleasure.
A man ejaculates.
I obtain the maximum pleasure in every case.
I tighten the vagina entrance, and continue the erection of the penis.
However, there was a limit in man's semen.
At last, it has not erected though a withering penis is held in the mouth, and various stimulation was given.
I tried to extend on a man again, to press between my groins against a withering penis, and obtain pleasure even a little.

"What can I say?"
The sound was. The grove was divided. And, a man showed up.
"Who are you?" I say.
"I do not understand. Might you be also the same as it?"
A man began to speak.

When I regain, I was in this man's body.
Your 'Gun' did flip out my 'Essence', and my 'Essence' was thrown in to this man.
I accept the reality that I am a stranger. After that, I looked for original my body .
My body carry in the hospital.
A man who did not identify it had shown up suddenly, the staff in the hospital guessed the relation between the man and patient without permission.
Because, I was mistaken for the assailant.
My doubt cleared up in "'Result of various medical investigations' and 'A rape similar case those continued'".
I determined that caught a true I assailant.
I find out you at last. Further, I was shadows. As expected, you will start the rape.
Her 'Essence' is flip out by the 'Gun', and it makes her to the nonresistance.
You moves to a safe place.
And, you start the rape.
I was mortifying and it was reluctant when I remember you rape on me as much as her.
I made you not noticed and deprived of 'Gun'.
I was going to do you by the 'Gun' not movement, and I revenge.
'Gun' was held to your back covered with chances.
You are no movement as imagined about me.
But, she that the rape was done has begun to move.
I assumed the possibility that she mistook me for assailant's companion. And, I hid the body momentarily.
Then, the woman was starting masturbating like disregarding the thing that she raped and was done.
Next, the woman was starting the sex with the assailant.
At last, I understood.
The woman flew in assailant's 'Essence'. It is similar, this man flew in my 'Essence'.
I also understand woman's pleasure is more excellent than it of a man.
Now, I am a man, and you are a woman.
Therefore, I was thought, the revenge will be complete though were I do rape you.
However, you of now hope to rape and even to be done. Therefore, I revenge by 'This'.

A man approaches.
I hardly understood what he had said.
My eyes were poured between his groins.
I imaging the size of the penis wher hid on the back side of the cloth of the trousers.
"Please give me, early."
My hand extended to zipper of his trousers.
However, to interrupt it, his arm laid down me on a man.
"Return to your body."
He said that, he push 'Gun' against my belly.

When I regain consciousness, there were no one in the vicinity.
'Gun' also had disappeared.
I was returned to myself.
The testicle from which semen was wrung screams.
However, the shock which had returned to 'Man' was more larger than it.

I return to my home and connect to the Internet.
'Gun' is not found anywhere though it desperately.
Even the item which looks like is not found.
There is nothing, too.

I was shouting in the Internet.
"Someone please, altered me to 'Woman'!!!"


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