I found it in the wardrobe.

I found the woman clothes in the wardrobe.
I do not know when it was there.
I tried to throw it away to the garbage box, I was hesitant.
Something is about to detain me.
I was standing in front of the mirror with the clothes in the hand.

I imagined the appearance of me who had put on this clothes.
Let's make him diet a little.
Let's make him let the hair grow a little.
Let's make him make it up a little.

A lovely girl was standing in the mirror.

Let's make her depilate the arm and the leg.
Let's make her let the breast grow greatly.
Let's make her cut it which is the unnecessary thing between groins.

I take off clothes.
When the brassiere is removed. A plump breast trembles with the opened pleasure with PuluPulu.
I take off sandals with a high heel, and unload stockings.
It is necessary to note it. Do not damage a delicate cloth about a long fingernail which put the manicure which shines to the pearl color.
I touched shorts which covered my groins.
It unloads slowly. Then, it can be confirmed to the other side of the light color pubic hair that anything has disappeared.

I am a woman now.
My nude is projected onto the full-length mirror.
I make posing sexy.
'Man' which remains in me has gotten excited.
The excitement of me who is infected of him wets my groins.

A finger touch between groins. The love juice twines round the tip of a finger.
I promote the finger further.
My finger enters my body.
Pleasure pierces through my body.
I was shouting in lady's voice.


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