More than the woman.

The girl was standing in the meeting place.
The girl who wore the uniform of the high school was looking at the show window.
No, she is watching the appearance of her who reflects in the glass.

She is not a girl the same as the appearance.
A man lurks in her.
He thinks that he who sees 'He who became a woman' is satisfied.

She is not original though she is neat and pretty.
'A man becomes more womanly than the woman when becoming a woman', is said.
She was behaving like that.

"Hi, Did you wait?"
I approached her, and multiplied the voice.
She saw me.
"Are you Alice?"
It was a sign.
She answered in a small voice.
Hereafter, the date will start.

Who am I?

I am a person in question who lent the body to this girl.
If anything, my preference is near the boy.
'My figure is lovely', I did not like.
The advertisement of the part-time job reached such me.
"Lent the body"
I called at the office where it had put on the advertisement.

The customer is satisfied with my figure.
I obtained the right to date the customer who had become me besides the reward.
I will borrow the body of a stout man while being lending my body.

We were in the amusement park.
We took the roller coaster.
She originated a larger, higher scream always.
She was firmly clinging to my arm when we entered the ghost residence.
When taking a rest, she ate a very sweet crape.

After it had played, I invited her to the boutique.
I had it choose her womanly clothes, and tried on.
It is happy that I imagine 'About what does she think in the fitting room?'.

She took off the uniform of the high school which had worn it up to now.
The mirror shows the girl who put on woman's undergarment.
"Is this me?"
She will say so.
She cannot remove the undergarment because it is only her change of clothes.
She puts on clothes which I chose one after another while having impatient time.

The fitting room opens, and she shows the appearance.
"Do it suit?"
I answered her question.
"It is beautiful."
Her face dyed.

I dressed the 'dress' to her, and invited her to supper.
We went to sing afterwards.
Because she had seemed not to understand what she had to sing in me, I taught her the song always recommended.
Even if she does not know, the body remembers.
She sang by a beautiful soprano.

I should make the date end though it is not somewhat satisfactory.
I sent her to 'Her room'.
Of course, the room is not 'My room'.
It is a room of the girl whom the office prepared.

We kissed.
She keeps absent-mindedly seeing me.
"Please have a good dream. Baby"
I quietly closed the door of her room.

'The woman who became a man is manlier than a man' as well as 'A man who became a woman is more womanly than the woman', must be.
She will spend the left time of night thinking of I who is a man.
"I hope, the girl of 'Only day' must be happy."
I prayed.


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